Office of Company Registrar Nepal joined the momentum

Sometimes small key points makes you happy and boost your determination. My recent visit to the Office of the Company Registrar Nepal website makes me feel that way. The reason for my happiness  with the website is pretty straightforward – I was happy because I found a page named “Data” in the site with whole […]

Stay Tuned!! We are updating

Last week on the date of 28th May 2016, Open Knowledge International (OKI) announced the official name change through an announcement on the Blog and the Forum. An UK-registered organisation, which was previously known as Open Knowledge Foundation Network (OKFN) & Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) now want everyone to denote and support them by using […]

In memory of Michael Bauer

Reblogged from School of Data Blog, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike v3.0 License   “It was with great sadness that we learned last week that we had lost one of our greats. Michael Bauer passed away suddenly on 13th September 2015 while running the Wachau half marathon. In this post, the School of Data team […]

खुल्ला ज्ञान समुदायका सदस्य शुभजित गांगुलीको सम्झनामा

हामी यो खबर सुन्दा दुखी छौ कि खुला ज्ञानका भारतिय दूत तथा यस क्षेत्रका एक प्रमुख व्यक्तित्व, शुभजित गांगुलीको  असामयिक निधन भयो । शुभजित गांगुली छोटो अवधिको बिरामीपछि, त्यहाको समय अनुसार  अप्रिल ७ तारिकमा ३० वर्षको अल्पायुमै भारतको कोलकत्तास्थित आफ्नो गृहनगरको अस्पतालमा बित्नु भएको छ । वहाँको निधनले सम्पुर्ण परिवार, अाफन्तजन, सहयोगी र साथीभाई लगायत […]

OKFN: Nepal Website

With the believe of openness, OKFN:Local Nepal website has launched today. The site will be gateway to promote open knowledge and support open movement in Nepal.  Here knowledge is represented material — whether it is content, data or information-based — which anyone is free to use, re-use and redistribute without restriction. This will be supportive for constructing better […]