People needs all kinds of Data for Innovation: 2nd Data Hackers Meetup

Recently formed Developer Nepal (DN): Data Hackers Group organized their second edition of Data Meetup on the date of 8th July 2015 at Parewa Labs, Kupondole, Nepal. The main aim of the meetup and the group was to bring Data Hackers “Who plays lot’s on different kinds of Data and Programming Languages like Python & […]

Discussion about Open Education Started: Meeting with Rob Grande from LOOMA Project

To mark the worldwide celebration of Free Software used in Education and Free Educational Resources: Education Freedom Day 2015 and Open Education Week 2015, we hosted one small informal discussion session with Rob Grande (Representative of LOOMA Project) on the date, 17th March 2015. A discussion session was hosted at FOSS e-Solution which is situated […]

OKFN Meeting (20th July, 2014)

Every Sunday meetup between community members of OKFN (Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal) taken place in smart samaj office at usual time. Today 20th July, 2014 it was special day because our OKFN members Prakash Neupane and Kshitiz khanal were back after attending OKF festival which was held in Germany from July 15-17. All members are […]

OKF Nepal Meetup: March 13, 2014

It was one fine Thursday evening and OKF Nepal had its meeting scheduled. There was much to discuss. Good news, plans, ideas, and more. Activities previously done by OKF Nepal like Open Election Data Week, City Spending Data Party, involvement in events that supported openness in Nepal like Open Nepal Hackathon etc. were catching attention […]

Open Spending Nepal is up today(03/07/2014), all must be curious to know what is openspendingnepal? Openspendingnepal is the group of volunteers who track down Nepal government budgets, spending, balance sheets, procurement etc which will be visualized with authentic source without any restriction to view from any corner of the world. This website main aim is to provide […]

Open Data Day 2014

Open Data Day kickoff in Kathmandu, Nepal at GPF building where open community like FOSS Nepal, Wikipedia Nepal, Open Knowledge Nepal, Mozilla Nepal and other community gather in the same place to celebrate it. In this day Mozilla Nepal team visualize the data with the help of thimble, Open Spending Nepal introduce portfolio of […]

Open Spending in Nepali Language

Who doesn’t love to study in local lanaguage? In December 16, 2013 Open Knowledge Foundation one project Open Spending, put Nepali language to its website The people who cannot understand the English now easily understand about the Open Spending in Local Language i.e. Nepali. Even though still some sentences and words need to be […]

Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal meetup 2

With the following agenda, OKFN Nepal hosted the second meetup that is, Open Knowledge Foundation Network Nepal meetup 2. Agenda: status of Right to Information in Nepal how Nepal government has addressed the RTI and its way of implementation. basic meaning of Open Data and Open Access. How the Open Data play significant role for […]

Report: [DM1] Data MeetUp at Islington College

Probably Nepal’s first ever Data Meetup was successfully conducted on September 09, 2013 at Islington College, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu with around 30 participants. So, what is a Data Meetup? Data Meetup is simply a gathering of data enthusiasts, who are interested in data science, data journalism, data wrangling, data analysis, data visualization and other data works. […]

[DM1]Data Meetup at Islington College

Data Meetup at Islington College When: 9th September 2013 Location : Islington College What is happening? This is the first meetup for us and we are targeting to do Data Introductory Session which include general concept on data, The major objective of this meetup is getting more people interested to work on data rather than […]